How to Get Customer Input with Uclusion

How to Get Customer Input with Uclusion

Customer collaboration is a main tenant of agile Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. As a complete collaboration solution Uclusion provides Initiatives and Dialogs to solve the problem of more easily working with people external to the team.

An Initiative provides the equivalent of a focus group without having face to face meetings.

“Customer” can mean many things to a development team. They might be others in the organization that are stakeholders on an in house or technical architecture project. They might be members of a customer advisory board or customers that were identified by a product or success team.

In any case Initiatives allow a controlled interaction with the identified group of participants without the complexity of coordinating and running a meeting. Unlike a simple survey this interaction is bi-directional - customers can ask questions and propose changes and when a change is made to the Initiative everyone is notified. Unlike email you have full control of the discussion. How much time is allowed for the collaboration, what changes, if any, are made to the proposal and even whether collaborators can see each others votes and comments are all under the control of the Initiative creator.

A Dialog is a great tool for asynchronously collaborating with a single customer.

Sometimes instead of measuring support for an idea your goal is to brain storm implementation choices with a customer that requested a feature. Email threads are too unstructured for that goal and many emails are required to setup a meeting. A Dialog provides an easy way to get an unambiguous option selected with a reason and certainty.

David Israel
David Israel Co-Founder of Uclusion